Come for the pie, stay for the fun with some friendly people.

Dress Code: Shoes, Shirts & Smiles Required


Feedback & Photos Wanted

Been to Pie Town? Like the Pie? Did you enjoy your visit?

Leave a comment or share your pics on the Pieoneer Facebook Page!

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Mrs. Kathy,

    Once again I just want to say Thank you for being a Blessing and making memories on our trip to Pie Town this past Saturday.

    Leviticus Clarke Voyd Butler and Mr. Bill Apple

    I will be back.. 🙂 Leviticus

  2. Jose Carter

    Excellent, eggcellent, not to mention GOOD!

  3. Sarah Nadal

    Had blueberry pie, blackberry pie and chocolate coconut pie they were excellent , my husband and I traveled from Bakersfield Calif. to visit this place and we were not disappointed.

  4. Anonymous

    dog its bad

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