Just a few of our favorite pies…many more to come!

What is your favorite? Call ahead and we’ll “SAVE YOUR FAVE!”


Feedback & Photos Wanted

Been to Pie Town? Like the Pie? Did you enjoy your visit?

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  1. Leesa Trapp

    Loved our visit and our lunch of pie! We live in Albuquerque.
    Without giving away too many secrets, can you gift me with how you get your bottom crust to be crisp? I am humbled by your expertise.
    L Trapp
    Former foods teacher at APS.

  2. Leesa Trapp


  3. suzabq@yahoo.com

    The coconut cream pie is sublime – never had better ABQ, NM

  4. Laurence Korn

    I’d like to buy two pies, one cherry and one blueberry. I’m handicapped and unable to drive there. Can you ship?


  5. Jodi

    Would like to buy pies and have shipped but when I go to product page says no products. Can someone please help me?

  6. maurice.stevens@treehousephx.com

    May I request a legal age, non-virgin pie? People make assumptions after too many Twin Peaks episodes. Maybe label them as free-range pies.

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