Pie Town New Mexico History

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In the late 20’s, many people had been wiped out by The Great Depression and its little brother the Dust Bowl. In search of a better life, they headed west on Route 60 — a rutted dirt road — toward the land of opportunity, California. Fate would lead many to begin anew wherever they broke down or ran out of supplies.

How Pie Town got its name.
How Pie Town got its name.

One such place was at 8,000 ft on the top of the Continental Divide. Legend has it an enterprising man by the name of Ed Jones would walk seven miles from his homestead to the dirt road and sell pies to weary travelers. Soon a friend joined him and sold supplies like oil and tires. Eventually a four-room motel was built with a kitchen that became the first pie café. That café is long since gone, but the memories of the pies live on.

The old ways are still in practice in Pie Town…

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